Owslebury PR’s


Following a contact from someone who shares a DNA link with me we have been trying to find our common ancestor. We believe it maybe a Bailey who married a Binstead probably in Owslebury sometime in the late 1700’s or early 1800’s. It may have also been a Boyes who joined the Binstead line in the same timeframe. To assist in that research I have recorded all the legible records in the Owslebury, Hampshire parish records (some of them are illegible on the microfiche that I have). We are still searching for the link between our two familes but I have published the information here in case it helps someone else. Surnames enclosed in [ ] indicate that this is a woman’s surname after marriage where I don’t know her maiden name.

IdIndividualBirthBaptism DateBaptism PlaceDeathD_PlaceSpouse NameMarriageM_Place
1Charles BAILEYMary [BAILEY]
2Mary [BAILEY]Charles BAILEY
3Sarah BAILEY13 June 1813Owslebury, Hampshire
4James BAILEY8 October 1813Owslebury, Hampshire
7Mary Ann BINSTEAD13 March 1814Owslebury, Hampshire
8Sarah BINSTEAD27 November 1815Owslebury, HampshireThomas POWELL15 Sep 1838Owslebury, Hampshire
9William BINSTEAD28 September 1817Owslebury, HampshireMary HILLIER15 May 1842Owslebury, Hampshire
10Thomas BINSTEAD25 December 1819Owslebury, Hampshire
11Elizabeth BINSTEAD13 January 1822Owslebury, HampshireHenry BOYES15 May 1842Owslebury, Hampshire
12John Emmanuel BINSTEAD14 March 1824Owslebury, Hampshire
13Samuel BINSTEAD19 November 1826Owslebury, Hampshire
14Jane BINSTEAD12 July 1831Owslebury, HampshireGeorge FREEMANTLE2 Aug 1855Owslebury, Hampshire
15William BAILEYSarah [BAILEY]
16Sarah [BAILEY]William BAILEY
17Jane BAILEY7 April 1814Owslebury, HampshireCharles LEE7 Feb 1839Owslebury, Hampshire
18Sarah BAILEY181628 February 1816Owslebury, HampshireWilliam RAY20 Oct 1853
19Charlotte BAILEY16 April 1820Owslebury, Hampshire
20Eliza BAILEY29 February 1824Owslebury, Hampshire
21John BOYESFaith [BOYES]
22Faith [BOYES]1809John BOYES
23James BOYES29 January 1815Owslebury, Hampshire
24Eleanor BOYES19 January 1820Owslebury, HampshireJames BROOMFIELD30 Apr 1857Owslebury, Hampshire
25Charles BOYES16 July 1820Owslebury, Hampshire
26Edward BOYES21 April 1822Owslebury, Hampshire
27Hannah BOYES3 October 1824Owslebury, Hampshire
30Martha LEESamuel BINSTEAD
31John BINSTEAD12 January 1817Owslebury, Hampshire
32Benjamin BOYESMary GUY17 Nov 1817Owslebury, Hampshire
33Mary GUYBenjamin BOYES17 Nov 1817Owslebury, Hampshire
34Mary Ann BOYES16 August 1818Owslebury, Hampshire
35Benjamin BOYES24 October 1819Owslebury, Hampshire
36Joseph BOYES23 September 1821Owslebury, Hampshire
37Edward BOYES8 December 1822Owslebury, Hampshire
38Charles BOYES18 April 1824Owslebury, Hampshire
39William BOYES18 September 1825Owslebury, Hampshire
40Mary Ann Eliza BOYES17 April 1827Owslebury, Hampshire
41Henry BOYES23 February 1829Owslebury, Hampshire
42Caroline BOYES17 July 1831Owslebury, Hampshire
43Mary BOYES8 Aug 183411 June 1835Owslebury, Hampshire
44Elizabeth BOYES3 February 1836Owslebury, Hampshire
45Adelaide BOYES3 February 1836Owslebury, Hampshire
46George BOYES23 July 1837Owslebury, Hampshire
47William BOYESCecilia WADMORE2 Aug 1828Owslebury, Hampshire
48Cecilia WADMOREWilliam BOYES2 Aug 1828Owslebury, Hampshire
49Reginald BOYES29 March 1829Owslebury, Hampshire
50Angelina Henrietta BOYES30 October 1831Owslebury, Hampshire
51William BOYES23 March 1834Owslebury, Hampshire
52Emma Georgina BOYES16 October 1836Owslebury, Hampshire
53Ellen Rosetta BOYES30 September 1838Owslebury, Hampshire
54Thomas BOYESJane [BOYES]
55Jane [BOYES]Thomas BOYES
56John BOYES1 Sep 18307 September 1830Owslebury, Hampshire
57James BAILEYSally [BAILEY]
58Sally [BAILEY]James BAILEY
59Walter BAILEY15 June 1837Owslebury, Hampshire
60Susan BAILEY10 September 1843Owslebury, Hampshire
61Jan BAILEY7 January 1844Owslebury, Hampshire
62Timothy BAILEYSarah BOYES13 Sep 1838Owslebury, Hampshire
63Sarah BOYESTimothy BAILEY13 Sep 1838Owslebury, Hampshire
64Thomas BAILEY2 February 1839Owslebury, Hampshire
65Sarah Louise BAILEY7 October 1839Owslebury, Hampshire
66George BAILEY12 January 1840Owslebury, Hampshire
67John BAILEYFebruary 1842Owslebury, Hampshire
68Walter BAILEY5 April 1846Owslebury, Hampshire
69Jabez BAILEY2 April 1848Owslebury, Hampshire
70Thomas BINSTEAD1820Charlotte BOYES7 Jun 1840Owslebury, Hampshire
71Charlotte BOYES1821Thomas BINSTEAD7 Jun 1840Owslebury, Hampshire
72James BINSTEAD1840Owslebury, Hampshire
73Martha Eliza BINSTEADJul 18436 August 1843Owslebury, Hampshire
74Elizabeth BINSTEAD5 January 1845Owslebury, Hampshire
75Frederick BINSTEAD7 March 1847Owslebury, HampshireAnn BARNES12 Oct 1868Owslebury, Hampshire
76James BAILEYSarah [BAILEY]
77Sarah [BAILEY]James BAILEY
78William John Chandler BAILEY17 October 1841Owslebury, Hampshire
79James BOYESJane [BOYES]
80Jane [BOYES]James BOYES
81Elizabeth BOYES4 February 1844Owslebury, Hampshire
82John BINSTEADHarriet MARRINER1 May 1845Owslebury, Hampshire
83Harriet MARRINERJohn BINSTEAD1 May 1845Owslebury, Hampshire
84Amelia BINSTEAD7 February 1847Owslebury, Hampshire
85John BAILEYHarriet May [BAILEY]
86Harriet May [BAILEY]John BAILEY
87Harriet BAILEY5 December 1833Owslebury, Hampshire
88John BOYES1805
89Phoebe BOYES1746
90Samuel BINSTEAD1751
91Elizabeth BINSTEAD1745
92Mary BOYES1838
93Sarah BAILEY1786
94Charles Benjamin BAILEY1848
95Mary BOYES1791
96Annetta Fennmore BAILEY184920 January 1850Owslebury, Hampshire
97George BINSTEAD1849
98Harry BINSTEAD16 Dec 1853
100Martha BOYES1824
101William BAILEY1789
102Benjamin BOYES1792
103William BOYES1853
104Mary BINSTEAD1787
105Elizabeth BOYES1785
106Edward BOYES1823
107William BOYES1787
108James BINSTEAD1847
109Ann BARNES1837Frederick BINSTEAD12 Oct 1868Owslebury, Hampshire
110Ann Maria BINSTEAD1851Alfred STRETTON2 Sep 1871Owslebury, Hampshire
111Alfred STRETTON1836Ann Maria BINSTEAD2 Sep 1871Owslebury, Hampshire
112George FREEMANTLE1831Jane BINSTEAD2 Aug 1855Owslebury, Hampshire
113James BROOMFIELDEleanor BOYES30 Apr 1857Owslebury, Hampshire
114Harriet BOYES1825William ADAMS1 Nov 1844Owslebury, Hampshire
115William ADAMSHarriet BOYES1 Nov 1844Owslebury, Hampshire
116William BOYESHarriet NOBLE17 Sep 1844Owslebury, Hampshire
117Harriet NOBLEWilliam BOYES17 Sep 1844Owslebury, Hampshire
118Charles LEEJane BAILEY7 Feb 1839Owslebury, Hampshire
119John BAILEYElizabeth BROMFIELD11 Oct 1841Owslebury, Hampshire
120Elizabeth BROMFIELDJohn BAILEY11 Oct 1841Owslebury, Hampshire
121Mary HILLIERWilliam BINSTEAD15 May 1842Owslebury, Hampshire
122Henry BOYES10 Jul 1816Elizabeth BINSTEAD15 May 1842Owslebury, Hampshire
123William RAY1824Sarah BAILEY20 Oct 1853
124Thomas POWELLSarah BINSTEAD15 Sep 1838Owslebury, Hampshire
125Elizabeth BAILEY1832Walter GUY30 Jul 1855Owslebury, Hampshire
126Walter GUY1832Elizabeth BAILEY30 Jul 1855Owslebury, Hampshire
127Florence Maria BINSTEAD29 August 1869Owslebury, Hampshire
128Elizabeth BINSTEAD
129William Frank BINSTEAD18 March 1867Owslebury, Hampshire
130Edward BOYESAnn [BOYES]
131Ann [BOYES]Edward BOYES
132Edward Guy BOYES31 December 1852Owslebury, Hampshire
133Mary Ann Eliza BOYES3 July 1855Owslebury, Hampshire
134Sarah Ann BAILEY
135George BINSTEAD4 March 1849Owslebury, Hampshire
136William BINSTEAD25 December 1851Owslebury, Hampshire
137Ann Marid BINSTEAD16 May 1852Owslebury, Hampshire
138Harry (Henry) BINSTEAD15 December 1853Owslebury, Hampshire
139Mary BINSTEADFebruary 1850Owslebury, Hampshire
140John BINSTEAD6 April 1851Owslebury, Hampshire
141George BINSTEAD29 July 1852Owslebury, Hampshire
142Harriet Jane BINSTEAD6 September 1857Owslebury, Hampshire
143Solomon BINSTEAD7 August 1859Owslebury, Hampshire
144Charles BAILEY3 April 1853Owslebury, Hampshire
145Anne Eliza BAILEY6 May 1855Owslebury, Hampshire
146John BOYES
147Hannah BOYES
148William BOYES
149Sarah BOYES
150Edward BOYES
151Susanna [BOYES]
152Thomas BOYES1786Elizabeth LEE14 Nov 1810Owslebury, Hampshire
153Elizabeth LEE1787Thomas BOYES14 Nov 1810Owslebury, Hampshire
154Mary BOYES21 Nov 1813
155William BOYES16 Jun 1811
156Sarah Maria BOYES24 Nov 1818
157Sarah Maria BOYES24 Nov 1824
158William BOYESPhoebe [BOYES]
159Phoebe [BOYES]William BOYES
160Betty BOYES10 September 1769Owslebury, Hampshire
161Lydia BOYES23 June 1771Owslebury, Hampshire
162William BOYES25 December 1771Owslebury, Hampshire
163Thomas BOYES7 May 1775Owslebury, Hampshire
164John BOYES6 August 1780Owslebury, Hampshire
165Charles BOYESHannah [BOYES]
166Hannah [BOYES]Charles BOYES
167Charles BOYES20 May 1770Owslebury, Hampshire
168John BOYES8 February 1774Owslebury, Hampshire
169J????? BOYES14 July 1776Owslebury, Hampshire
170Charles BOYES1 February 1778Owslebury, Hampshire
171Edward BOYESEleanor [BOYES]
172Eleanor [BOYES]Edward BOYES
173Edward Warner BOYES14 August 1777Owslebury, Hampshire
174Susanna BOYES8 May 1780Owslebury, Hampshire
175John BOYES18 June 1782Owslebury, Hampshire
176Samuel BINSTEADElizabeth [BINSTEAD[
177Elizabeth [BINSTEAD[Samuel BINSTEAD
178John BINSTEAD14 June 1778Owslebury, Hampshire
179Samuel BINSTEAD6 April 1783Owslebury, Hampshire
180William BINSTEAD23 April 1786Owslebury, Hampshire
181Edward BOYESAlice [BOYES]
182Alice [BOYES]Edward BOYES
183William BOYES20 December 1787Owslebury, Hampshire
184Henry BOYES30 December 1787Owslebury, Hampshire